come sit with me​

near me bi want you
i want to melt in an emotional puddle by your side
come lets sit on the rocks
come lets here the birds sing madrigals
they are singing to you they mastered my piece
thanks to them
the tune so soft to blind any hate that would crowd us

today as we sit o lover
its an assurance we will be together
am yet
yet to drop feather light kisses from your neck down to your shoulder
i want to kiss you
till you see stars
till the sun sinks down the ground
till the sun is replaced by the silver globe that hangs on the sky

i love you with sincerity,with passion,with purity
you are my gift today
you are my blessing today
you are my quote today
you are my verse today
my love

to show you how special you are;what the day holds
to show you how much i love;what i ought to do
to share our day together;what the day pledges
love me
just the way i love
for we are just but love birds on a fine day


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