To your words i nod
i go by every letter
to rest my feelings unto yours
am not saying a no
its you……

as i read
i saw your deep vibrant eyes
and i wanted to stare at them forever
i want you with a burning passion
i want you for myself
maybe am jealous,but am not sharing you

your fully pouty lips;the color of roses to kiss me
i would smile at you ;am not kidding
i feel you are
i believe you are the one
the one to chase the darkness off my world

you and me
as i admire your washboard abs that make me drool
i would smile for you
i would smile at you
i would smile with you
for you in my life
the smile on my lips return

i began sweating bullets when i never saw you
you who is gosh damned handsome
its indeed like a ride off into the glorious sunset
when i blush to the roots of my hair
when your warm arms catch me and pull me closer
o help me crush the loneliness i felt
for together we belong


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