When i stopped writing;
my pen got blunt
so blunt that for words i would not hunt
my ink got dry
not a letter i would paint on paper
for the thirst for paper was no more
what to wet my ink i still know not
could emotions so hot do a melt
this made my eye balls darken
mine was a dusty brain
where ant tales could be told

the day i dropped my pen
the sun shouted ,’hey’
did feel sick in the head i
for inky world blew life into me
words i did command to sentences
emotions swayed like the clouds up the sky
o i want to write again
like the prodigal son i return
with paker ink in my bag
papers i want to pile
papers full of touch
then i will smack my lips
for it’s a journey;my pen my honey
in return my shoulders bow
with weak knees i come
my body needs a bath of ink
for its a return we want
all nights i’d recite roman numbers
this i did when the pain hit

my world iam a prodigal


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