Like Christmas morning my heart lights up when i see her

She an African curved from Lord’s clay

In my heart she plays


Like old honey her voice keeps me hearing

“JUST NOT ENOUGH”the ears shout

For hers is a soft voice that caresses my ears

A voice that inflames my desires

O my queen ;my equal;my patner

I love like am gonna loose you

I love like am  a  love maniac


Closing my eyes

Your delectable body brushes mine

Then i feel gosh damned crazy

For my lips would lock in yours in a hot searing kiss

This a feel i would always miss

For every kiss was like the first  kiss

Your fresh vanilla scent to fill me

Its warmth and kindness you frame on my face

Pull me closer and i will hold on tighter

Kiss my mind to the moon and i will love you to and from the moon

O my equal i love you like i was nine

Not aword i would tell about love

But you made me have some love

Its love i feel for you

Like jasmine its so sweet to love you




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