Her heels did ache from her walk

Her lips did dry that she couldnt talk

Hers was a dry throat 

That even a cough would make her crawl

Where her help comes from ?

Her help lies above her head 

She was teleported here 

Here,she would dirt her feet in clay soil

Stil she pressed on 
Her hot tears cooled in the nights 

For the breeze did make her chilled 

The breeze made her freeze

Arms to her hip 

Her’s was a whip rainin in her heart

“They were good to me 

O roses among thorns they were

Just if masks would fall like husks

From the husks i would tell 

Then i would be ready for this hell”

How she did fall was her pain

But she pressed on

Clay she would rub in between her toes 

She would walk on fours

She would drink from leaf drops

She would walk in the nights without fear

Friendship that did peel her face off

Her face she now hides

Only to sleep facing the sky

For her help comes from above

Lord never forgot her

He blows life in her




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