On this bridge i swing like a hinge 

That i await on this bridge

The moon shines like lines on a dry paper

O making my lips taste like pepper

Below the bridge my feet feels a brush of cold

The bridge might be old

Its below the bridge that death claws at me

In the night only the moon gives this place life

Like wood bond with nails is the fear that i sure feel

My sorrow started when death did baptise this bridge

One out of two it would get its share

Call it heir:it did take lives

Lots did loose wives

Thats why we walk in fives

And fear we pocket in our shorts

Hot steaming fear when we cross the bridge of death

Why you take lives 

Why you want us down the bridge

A bridge to help cross did turn to be the death cross

That our feet would slip 

Then you would not cross

O night let the stars shine

Let my life be mine

Let me swim like i did while i was nine


–ghostpoems by Antoh


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