Hurt Heart by Antoh



Days when i lay my head on his laps

That my heart would race for the moon

We sat locked in each others arms all noon

It was a feel that i could not stride away from

Away from him i would not go

Any word to hurt him i would trap away from his ears

His sweet lulling voice voiced my soul with sweet nothins

Tis now a memory

So fresh the pain i feel

My heart grinds in pain

Like  a lost sheep i wonder

In the rain my tears i drain

In the brain i feign a recovery

But you took my brain

You took my heart with you

With you , in your arms you hold my heart

Why leave me when you promised me not

You were so sweet to me

Like honey ..yours was a sweet and tender love

O temmie what to do

When you walk out my life

When i did need you most
All i ever needed was you

All i ever needed was a sincere  heart

Maybe you would tell me  my wrongs

Then i would learn

But you  left me when i needed you

To die in pain ……

I lost you and lost my mind 
©Ghostpoems ™

WritinG DeaD😜


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