I miss when you held me in your arms

So close to your breasts i would lay my head

On your side i did sleep

Waking up to warm milk 

Mommah i miss your love
At times i hold my ribs

My sharp ribs to get a rub of my rough hands

This makes tears sting me

This makes tears flow down my cheeks

This makes my nose run wet

Mommah you did hang a handkerchief to my shirt

That when my nose runs i wipe

Today,i got no shirt on me

My nose i rub with my palms

Mommah i remember you did warn me

  “Wipe your nose dry,

Smile to the world my son”

Mama all the memories come fresh in my mind 

Why you did die to leave me behind 

Still know not

Then my heart will be cold

Fresh ground is all i can smell

Its like my grave 

Passing flowers i smell fresh earth

Mommah i lean on your grave

Your cross my phone

I know you can hear me

Mommah my hands are numb from cold

My skin did grow old

Not the leather feel it had

Mama i did live by your promise

I sme to the world

I smile to all those who yo me are bad

I lost my mind when you left me

Mommah dig me grave beside yours

Mommah i smiled to the world


Ghostpoems by Antoh


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