MY LADY by Antoh


Times when i stare at the walls

I hear her shout

Her sound so soft like linen

I miss the same voice 

I feel her hands on my cheeks

Then i rock on my seat

That i can walk up the clouds with a bare chest

No more cold

Immah miss you till i grow old
This lady,my lady 

Her scent fills my house 

Her memories i house

Even in this house truth is known by the mouse

She held a place in this house

Within the silence i hear her whispers

Within the loneliness i feel her presence
When i think about her

My face folds a 9 line strip

Then my wells fill

My wounds feel a taste of pepper

My eye lashes pluck

My eye brows darken

Then i cant help but let my tears flow

Like a teen i cry

I cry till the owl hoots

I cry till dogs bark

My tears i believe she wipes

O my lady open your grave

Running i wont

I will remove your cross and build our church

I will trim your flowers and kiss you for hours

The world was ours

A world of two

I feel like vanilla down my throat

You lips were tender and spiced

How i miss them

O my lady  call me 

I want to follow you down there

Down there is where our fate is

O my lady i need you 

Make the memories real

Am a corpse walking

For i promised to be strong

Till you would come

O may you meet me

Meet me down there

For i am broken day by day

My tears leave me in fears

O my lady spread your arms

Dont get angry

For iam coming today

To me its not death

Its afterlife…. For i miss you 




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