SCREAM by Antoh


With a sore throat from the chills in life

Hot steaming tears filling my eyes

O making me shout like a man  on drugs

My tears making my eyelids hug tight

So tight that even with an open mouth i can let a word

My joy is caged

Caged in their arms

O making me feel a pain in my heart

Why through this i have to go 

That my teeth stiffen from the breeze

That my lips crack 

Crack to let open wounds that make  my mouth bitter

O hail lord my tears  you wipe

My heart aches like Jacob’s rib from the Angel’s twist 

I scream my heart out

To you lord i shout 

Iam burdened with pain

To your feet i come with my burdens

Immah scream till the trumpets of salvation shall blow

For on that day i will be born clean

My sorrows i will forget





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