YOU by Antoh

I sit by the streets ,my face in my hands

I still recall the first day i met you

You had a smile perfectly set on your face

Your smile like a splash of stars it made me swim in thoughts

Your lips spinned like cotton wool 

Then words you had to thread to every question i asked

 Listening to any music ,i feel it talk about you

You did rent a place in my heart

You did let my thoughts bask in the sun

I loved how you made me feel

Like an anthill my feelings stood

My heart felt locked safe in its nest

I never thought of thr rest

Maybe i call it commitment

For i versed to your taste like they were my commandments

Your bracelets to me were strings of promise

“You almost there” the strings would cheer

Then i felt near

Clear was my throat before you

You were magic to my life

Like montecristo i could not elude from you


I cared 

I lit a candle every morning to pray

I smiled all day  to let an icy feel to your heart

I melt in tears when i never heard from you

I Cursed myself when you felt sick

Hail …i would  paint the sky red for you

I would pluck roses for you

But you shut me out

Your ears shut not a word you heard,, was i to shout?

I felt cold 

Not the bold me anymore

I felt like a reject

I felt like an outcast

For i gave to much that let my heart full of holes

I was drilling my heart 

You killed me





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