Like a snail i watched her crawl on her knees

Her trouser moping the ground clean

She looked worse than a Being

With a blood stained hand crawled “my lady”

 Come to me like a bee to a flower

Its the right hour 

I wanna take you for shower
On her knees she snails to me 

Then my heart pains

Why to me you come

When your memories i did burry in a gourd

For you drained my life out of me

You left me a lost guy on earth to await only the lord’s coming

Never knew it would be you coming

My heart you freed from its cage like a dove

O you were generous

But what you did was dangerous
Seeing you filled my skeleton with blood

O making me want to hear your heart beat once more

But for my heart you now bargain

If by my side you could retain

Then not on your knees would you crawl

Rise up and i will walk you in love

In my arms i will clothe you in happiness

For i do take you back

Back to me is home to you

It was the time you needed me most

Indeed love isa burning rope
© Antoh

Ghostpoems®by Antoh™



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