My eyes to the sky 

Still i see that face of hers

Yet my eyes the thought sets fire on my scars

When blink my eyes I

The ladder of thoughts cling so bad that i would trip and break my neck
The soft character in my life

O the almond oil in my life :she would splashes the oil of life on me

The sweet character to call wife

But she walks with a knife

Walks with a knife who?

Tis her 

Her knife always fresh with blood

Her hands always stained in blood

What she sees i want to see

Why her knife is wet all the time .and why she washes it with lime

Then i wont shed a tear

For it stabbs me 

For it disturbs me

What she sees that she want a knife in her hands

After that, i will put on my hat

Then she can get to what she wants

I shall have known why she keeps cutting

I miss her love

But i wont shout to her

She might drop her knife before i know

Before i know what she sees 

And who she unbloods

What you see is what i want to see

Soon i will stab myself

Myself i will stab for you killing me 

Tis better  before you dig it into my chest
© Antoh


°°°knife is symbolic



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