Her face  did light me up 

Then up my feelings did rise

She was the reason i would wake up with a determined heart

“Yes maybe she will be warm to me today”

Thats how i would verse from my heart

My feelings for her did set a clock ticking in my head

That in my bed i did coil wishing to feel her warm hands around me

Yes i loved her

I craved for her company like life in the afterlife

She made me feel like blood flow in my heart

A,smile that never got out of stylr was mine

She had a mask on her face

I hushed the feeling away

“Maybe good things dont come easily”:that was her phrase 

Still she was warm and cold

Warm when i shower her with gifts

Cold when i turned up at her door

Still a soldier i had to keep warm when cold

Maybe she would care

To me she wasn’t any fair
Flowering in her world

I did walk within her shadows

I did breath within her vicinity

I was loosing it all to her

Yet she wasn’t the girl for me

My gifts she would burn

Behind my back she would talk

My dressing made her puke

It’s the take she had on me

She was a venom that would kill any minute

I still recall 

I did let tears burn in my stomach

This i did find hard

Since i could see the same face daily

But i had to

And i had to write her a letter


This is her letter from me





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