HOPE by Antoh

HOPE by Antoh
If i could read my pieces and nod

Then i would keep writing

My ink my breath

All i need is hope

Hope to keep the fire in me burning

When i say i write 

Some think its a ghost in white

 O dear readers all i need is hope

That its a try i give

Not a cry my pen bleeds
“I will write till my ink spits its last ink

I will write when i see light

When i feel some worth in my pieces”

Bless my work oh lord

Hail lord 

Its in the inky world

Where my heart rests

Where my desires i nest

I want to give my best

To build my small inky world

Far away from earth

Where imks scraps my heart

Where my smile polishes my pieces

I wish to write

To let my pieces to everyone

Then i can die a happy man

For poetry is my phrase

You i can praise oh lord


Hope is all i pledge

O readers 

O lord

Hope is the prayer of a poet

© Antoh




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