My eyes glued to his tombstone

nothing can pluck ’em

His names in bold ,the tombstone holds

A sweet character in my life he was

A good father he was

Aa i read his names on the cross …hot tears stream down my face

Down my face it burns me

Only my tears burn the pain away

I choke on my tears

With the air getting hot

Then my black dress itches me

And i restain my hands not to hike it

I will be okay but not today

This consuming pain squeezes me until i can’t breathe

Mother he left you to me

Mother he left me to you

In your tears i see pain

In my tears flows a pain

Your broken heart i sew

To patch its pieces afresh

Coiling in the cold by his grave

For i don’t miss Dave

I need my dad more

more than ever before

I will be well

For his spirits will embrace me

His spirits will wrap an arm around me

to cocoon me with warmth

Dad i love you

You who came into my life like a raging storm

A storm that swept away everything i perceived you to be

I will be okay

just with you here

# tender_memories

# dark_house

# the_trek

♡ ♡

¤¤¤ — feeling depressed.




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