ME by Antoh


ME by Antoh

I miss the mornings when my soul was his

Not even a serpent would hiss

I was strong in faith

Not even an apple would win me from him

The trust was within

My trust was with him

I miss this moments

Within my head is torments

I am crushing to destruction

O lord i need light

My robe please make white

Iam lost in the darkness of the night
I feel unworthy

Unworthy before you

O lord my hairs are short to wipe your feet

From the firbidden tree i did eat

Then my faith did fade like the serpents trail

But could i wail

That i was cheated

On this hill is where i kneel

My hands clutching my neck

My nails digging into my neck

I want to fall dead

My blood to flow as a sign of acceptance

My blood :a seal 

I want to die and to remain the seal

In the afterlife let my heart heal

Wash my soul off sin 

O lord let me be me

Me when you blew dust into me




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