THIEF by Antoh
Call me her thief

We had a jail

A jail made of wood fastened by nail

This lady is a hail
I stole day after day

Promising to be better each day

To us , everyday was the 40th day
I loved how she would walk me to jail

Her hands on my waist

This, Sure i was swept off my feet with warm feelings

I loved her taking me in

I wanted to be in

Her jail, my jail
Call me thief

My lady am a thief

I steal even what can’t heal

I steal even hearts

I wish to steal her heart

Her heart;

        Full of care:so soft i could feel it each time i tasted her lips

       Full of tenderness , this that all my life i did miss

       Her heart wish she could take as hers

   My heart i want her to nurse
  Be my lady

Though iam a thief

My heart for you it sniffs

Sweep my memories clean

Give a shoulder i want to lean 

Ooh am a thief

Thief wants to plead

You are my need

Be mine..i have been in your jail since i was nine


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