MY STORY by Antoh

am A street boy who loves roses and daisies

Iam a cheerful soul

My moods I hold in my hands; I can control

I am a good one just to say

Yet to some am a bad boy to be good

I joke like all my life i have to keep laughing

My teeth i set free to have a taste of the cool air

I have tough teeth baked with the sun rays

I want to laugh, to add more days


I love your company

O that’s why i treasure those who do understand me
Yet i also have a sad story
Mad,some say iam 

They say I AM MAD when i make jokes
Boring, when i stop to be alone with my thoughts 

When i seat on my bed like someone taking notes of the life i live

When i keep silent

All they will miss is my jokes 

This they will but just for a while
My story is sad 

It’s sad how i have to fit in people’s shoes

To fit in their moods

I am a boy living to please

But I will choose

Its me to say

It’s me to decide

I have to live my life

Then i will gladly tell my story

A story on how i joyed all my youth, watched my kids grow, died on my bed having known all i ought to have known
All got stories 

I wont be sorry to tell my story

Maybe my story will live to be your story,her story,his story,their story
My story 




Am a character in my book

Book of life 

For day after day my book piles

And memories i keep in files



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