I appreciate you lady

The smile your lips shine on my face

This smile keeps me going for days

You are a rainbow in my life

You came to my life like a dream

Then I had to live within the dream

I appreciate you

At times we get mad at each other

Maybe I do talk when you in bad moods

Maybe I do talk when you are sad

Or maybe you lost in thoughts

Be my thought from today

Let me clear up your thoughts

I don’t need a pen to take notes

In you I see me

In me I see you

I appreciate you

Raise your head to the world

Balance your visions,your dreams,your ambitions on your head like a gourd

I thank the almighty I met you

For you such a light shone in my soul

That’s why i celebrate today

I appreciate you
Cmon I ll give you a call

For your voice does it all

Your voice is sweet noise to my ears

Am all ears

I will listen you for years

Just whisper into my ear

I will love you till I turn into soil 

I appreciate you

©2017- writing dead



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