O2L by Antoh


O2L by Antoh
(Our 2nd life-02L)

Did I just say you give me the reason to hide in the night?

Yes ,that must be right 

Maybe it’s more than that sweet pea

I love how we cuddle in bed ,as you make a teady bear for our nights

It’s like I die several times when am with you,for I just feel we are in our world

A world where there is no one but me and you,

where I wake up to the smell of carnations,

where I don’t need to pluck a flower for you since i brought you the whole zoo

Hahaha I don’t need to open a bottle of coke to get us a happy hour 😂😂😂😂

This is our second life,where I love to lean my head on your shoulder,

For I have to rest my lap for the nights,when you’d lay your hair on my lap as i read you lines from the pages in my heart,
It’s here where day and night is same,

During the day the sun is white,our environs is so silent that I wonder if we got a neighbour

Night is lit by the stars, it’s silent too

That’s why i would hide in the night,

To plant a kiss on your forehead,

To stroke your hair till you fall asleep

O sweet pea tell me how we got into this😍
our love is like the love for emojis,for I can’t stop imitating those faces ,as you laugh out loud,

Roll out your tongue and I’ll let it roll on my mouth,

Make a heart “♥” in your eyes and I’ll blush my brains out,

Make a weird face and I’ll go black ,

Sing me a song and I’ll press the hold button for I’ll need to here that voice over and over,

O2L, where I can blow you kisses and see it race to your heart,

I am loving it sweet pea , it’s like a prayer answered
Lots of love

(Just a random piece :D;)😍😜)

©2017-writing dead


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