Random diaries by Antoh

Lone by Antoh

​You do make me smile each time i get a text from you

It makes my night silent, a night without odds

Like a metal with no dent

Yes its in your heart that a space i did rent
Times when my eyes take a sip of the onion feel, a handkerchief feel you would hand

Its like you were a rubber band on my hand

To remind me of the untaxed love

Yes untaxed, 

So bad at math ,i would always fall on the wrong side

Like a moth i’d run towards the light

Thats why you would blame my math ,vowing never to offer taxed love
Our tommorrow unfolds in your hands

Hold it strong like a stone in a catapult

Dont let it out till its our last

O yes our last breath 

I would take a ring for you

Please do hand over a rib to me

Let me make you faces

Close the distance between my lips n yours

Just tell me all is well

Let me drink from your heart
😔 soo lone i  joins a trek ,hoping she would call him back

“O dear love, its you i love,

Wait me , cut your steps to my size,

Hold your abs with your left arm ,

Bend your left arm for me,

Let me pass my arm through it,

O dear love,

Lets wander through the streets till the sun blinds the street lights,

Lets not go back home,

I just want to be by you”
♐blind-eye 👁



😒                        😔


MISS YOU by Antoh


The sun rising from the west

The sun setting in the East

This is so sure I can’t bargain about

My words to you are so sincere

I speak from the bottom of my mind

Where webs of imaginations build

I do wish to make you believe
All along we text 

Just to lay to rest after I hear from you

That I sleep when am sure you fine

It’s the, care my heart keeps handing out to you

You are dream I would wish to be in 

I adore you

Don’t ask me why I get up late

You now know

It’s the dream

The dream of me chasing you to my world

The dream of me throwing you flowers

Then the chase continues till I feel the sun rays burn my eyelids

I miss you
If I were to walk on one foot for a day would you believe

If I were to shout your name into the night would you believe

Still I don’t know what you believe in

I do love you

I do miss you

All words I ever said to you

I did mean ’em

O dearie won’t you believe

Writing Dead-2017😜

O2L by Antoh


O2L by Antoh
(Our 2nd life-02L)

Did I just say you give me the reason to hide in the night?

Yes ,that must be right 

Maybe it’s more than that sweet pea

I love how we cuddle in bed ,as you make a teady bear for our nights

It’s like I die several times when am with you,for I just feel we are in our world

A world where there is no one but me and you,

where I wake up to the smell of carnations,

where I don’t need to pluck a flower for you since i brought you the whole zoo

Hahaha I don’t need to open a bottle of coke to get us a happy hour 😂😂😂😂

This is our second life,where I love to lean my head on your shoulder,

For I have to rest my lap for the nights,when you’d lay your hair on my lap as i read you lines from the pages in my heart,
It’s here where day and night is same,

During the day the sun is white,our environs is so silent that I wonder if we got a neighbour

Night is lit by the stars, it’s silent too

That’s why i would hide in the night,

To plant a kiss on your forehead,

To stroke your hair till you fall asleep

O sweet pea tell me how we got into this😍
our love is like the love for emojis,for I can’t stop imitating those faces ,as you laugh out loud,

Roll out your tongue and I’ll let it roll on my mouth,

Make a heart “♥” in your eyes and I’ll blush my brains out,

Make a weird face and I’ll go black ,

Sing me a song and I’ll press the hold button for I’ll need to here that voice over and over,

O2L, where I can blow you kisses and see it race to your heart,

I am loving it sweet pea , it’s like a prayer answered
Lots of love

(Just a random piece :D;)😍😜)

©2017-writing dead

ROSE by Antoh


I stood on my legs from birth to pluck

I breath out to let a fragrance that cures break ups

I am a healer in the world of love

Am a love portion

But in return I rot to death

O you call it valentines

O you call her bae

Then he plucks me from my feet

To hide me behind his tuxedo suit

He needs me to help

He needs your love

O lady should I call it love for roses

That you only take rose for a YES

Iam the boss

Iam the rose
Pluck me slow 

Please make sure she doesn’t say No

Or forever where her heart lies you won’t know

Iam the rose

Just close her eyes and take close to her nose

I always die in a love field

Where love is the theme

Where lips and tongues are so promising

Where hearts beat soo fast that my arms would wilt

Iam the rose

I grew in tender hands of my farmer 

I will die in the tender atmosphere of love

Am the rose


Writing dead.



I appreciate you lady

The smile your lips shine on my face

This smile keeps me going for days

You are a rainbow in my life

You came to my life like a dream

Then I had to live within the dream

I appreciate you

At times we get mad at each other

Maybe I do talk when you in bad moods

Maybe I do talk when you are sad

Or maybe you lost in thoughts

Be my thought from today

Let me clear up your thoughts

I don’t need a pen to take notes

In you I see me

In me I see you

I appreciate you

Raise your head to the world

Balance your visions,your dreams,your ambitions on your head like a gourd

I thank the almighty I met you

For you such a light shone in my soul

That’s why i celebrate today

I appreciate you
Cmon I ll give you a call

For your voice does it all

Your voice is sweet noise to my ears

Am all ears

I will listen you for years

Just whisper into my ear

I will love you till I turn into soil 

I appreciate you

©2017- writing dead