Poetry Night by Antoh
I sit by the balcony ,waiting for the sun to kiss the horizon bye

I await to see the night hug my day with dark hands

I love the evening breeze blowing my skin gently 

Night has come ., a time to hold my paker pen

In the night I love to see ink run for the other end of the ink tube

Ink needs freedom; to rest in eternal love with my papers

It’s a poetry night
I don’t want a lamp above my head

I don’t want light shining on my ink

Ask me why?

I hate writing during the day

Am a “writing-dead”

It’s at night when I wake from my “grave”

It’s at night when all is silent 

So silent it gives the perfect peace of mind I need

In the night am all weak ,just a pen I need

It’s poetry night
My nights I give to my paker ink

Lead me through till my ink dries on my papers

I will follow my hand and mind’s work  

For it’s I got to smile about

Its all I owe my nights

Give a read ,this I plead

Tonight you might be my character

To be built with metaphors and similies

To be broken with my phrases

Still you’ll be my character

Just be still and sleep as I think of what to write

It’s poetry night





HELLO by Antoh

Hello By Antoh
Each and every time i wake up

Its the thought of you that crawls in my head

I like you so much that i hunt for words just to tell

If into the night i fell

O will you shine your light on me

Please tell me

Will you?

I want to hear that voice

Please give me a call

Tell me my voice does it all

O please don’t make me feel odd

Mine for you is warm feelings wrapped and tied to hang within the sun rays

This flame won’t burn to waste I assure you

Let me be your sun

Then promise to walk by my rays

It’s you I chose

It’s you my heart chases

I love you


MY STORY by Antoh

am A street boy who loves roses and daisies

Iam a cheerful soul

My moods I hold in my hands; I can control

I am a good one just to say

Yet to some am a bad boy to be good

I joke like all my life i have to keep laughing

My teeth i set free to have a taste of the cool air

I have tough teeth baked with the sun rays

I want to laugh, to add more days


I love your company

O that’s why i treasure those who do understand me
Yet i also have a sad story
Mad,some say iam 

They say I AM MAD when i make jokes
Boring, when i stop to be alone with my thoughts 

When i seat on my bed like someone taking notes of the life i live

When i keep silent

All they will miss is my jokes 

This they will but just for a while
My story is sad 

It’s sad how i have to fit in people’s shoes

To fit in their moods

I am a boy living to please

But I will choose

Its me to say

It’s me to decide

I have to live my life

Then i will gladly tell my story

A story on how i joyed all my youth, watched my kids grow, died on my bed having known all i ought to have known
All got stories 

I wont be sorry to tell my story

Maybe my story will live to be your story,her story,his story,their story
My story 




Am a character in my book

Book of life 

For day after day my book piles

And memories i keep in files




As the night gets dark

I love how it’s dark

Black and dark

It’s when the sun sets that my heart rises

I want to see a picture of you

Your picture to keep rollin in my head

For that’s when i feel like my love for you ain’t dead

I thought about you 

I thought about me and you

I thought we could be us

This love we have to sacrifice for

Even if i would sleep at four

In the night ,in the dark is where my feelings infront of you they would see light

Read my piece and be at ease

Take it easys I won’t let you go

Anything for you,ain’t saying no

The world to me ain’t against us

To me it shouts go go go

O don’t let me down

Let my arms be your claws

To fight and protect you


THIEF by Antoh
Call me her thief

We had a jail

A jail made of wood fastened by nail

This lady is a hail
I stole day after day

Promising to be better each day

To us , everyday was the 40th day
I loved how she would walk me to jail

Her hands on my waist

This, Sure i was swept off my feet with warm feelings

I loved her taking me in

I wanted to be in

Her jail, my jail
Call me thief

My lady am a thief

I steal even what can’t heal

I steal even hearts

I wish to steal her heart

Her heart;

        Full of care:so soft i could feel it each time i tasted her lips

       Full of tenderness , this that all my life i did miss

       Her heart wish she could take as hers

   My heart i want her to nurse
  Be my lady

Though iam a thief

My heart for you it sniffs

Sweep my memories clean

Give a shoulder i want to lean 

Ooh am a thief

Thief wants to plead

You are my need

Be mine..i have been in your jail since i was nine

ME by Antoh


ME by Antoh

I miss the mornings when my soul was his

Not even a serpent would hiss

I was strong in faith

Not even an apple would win me from him

The trust was within

My trust was with him

I miss this moments

Within my head is torments

I am crushing to destruction

O lord i need light

My robe please make white

Iam lost in the darkness of the night
I feel unworthy

Unworthy before you

O lord my hairs are short to wipe your feet

From the firbidden tree i did eat

Then my faith did fade like the serpents trail

But could i wail

That i was cheated

On this hill is where i kneel

My hands clutching my neck

My nails digging into my neck

I want to fall dead

My blood to flow as a sign of acceptance

My blood :a seal 

I want to die and to remain the seal

In the afterlife let my heart heal

Wash my soul off sin 

O lord let me be me

Me when you blew dust into me






My eyes glued to his tombstone

nothing can pluck ’em

His names in bold ,the tombstone holds

A sweet character in my life he was

A good father he was

Aa i read his names on the cross …hot tears stream down my face

Down my face it burns me

Only my tears burn the pain away

I choke on my tears

With the air getting hot

Then my black dress itches me

And i restain my hands not to hike it

I will be okay but not today

This consuming pain squeezes me until i can’t breathe

Mother he left you to me

Mother he left me to you

In your tears i see pain

In my tears flows a pain

Your broken heart i sew

To patch its pieces afresh

Coiling in the cold by his grave

For i don’t miss Dave

I need my dad more

more than ever before

I will be well

For his spirits will embrace me

His spirits will wrap an arm around me

to cocoon me with warmth

Dad i love you

You who came into my life like a raging storm

A storm that swept away everything i perceived you to be

I will be okay

just with you here

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