Down here by Antoh

I love it down here,

The cheering of maggots calms me

The shuffling of ant’s feet on my bones freshens me

Tell me of a place nice than here,

My room is rectangular n just enough for me,

I have a window right above my head

The walls of my room have metallic slim pillows on each side

My room is carpeted white ,i feel at peace with my room

I dont need to go to church to repent for my sins, this i do right in here,

I have a cross right above my room, i have a rosary ,i can recite the Apostles creed by heart,
The nights are so nice to me

I feel my spirits leave me to sleep ,

I wonder what it goes searching for, it brings me nothing before the sun rises,

Does it guard the flowers above me,

Does it bring some bees to pollinate my flowers,

Does he paint my cross to keep off the rust,

Does it re write my initials on top of my room,on this heavy sky above me

I wonder what it does, maybe i will ask when its back

Dear spirit dont be mad,please do tell me or promise to take me along with you tonight

I love this place,

I dont feel dead as people say iam, am just tired to roam around like my spirit

My suit is torn, i cant walk around naked,

My cheek bones are so sharp i dont want to cut anyone while hugging them

I dont want to go back to the streets where i had house,

Now ,here i have a window and a roof above me,

Keep your voices low when you come visiting,

Keep your tears in yout tummies, its time to merry bring me a bottke of wine,

Join me down here n it will be your last day up there,

Its the best place

Where you rest n be friendly to the tiny animals,

© blind eye




Flowers make me feel like puking,

Love quotes and texts give my heart a sandpaper feel,

Couples around me make me curse the Garden of Eden

Red color reminds me of death,

With the red color,my heart goes numb,

With the red colormy lips goes numb,

Aint letting a word out,

Aint letting a feel out,

Eyes have intm them a blue,the color of the sky,

My veins are white like those of a corpse,

I did fill my baloon of love with my life,

Then i did let go of the rope holding it

I was filling the sky with my life

Hoping the sun would strike it with its ray 

Yes ,i need to see it burst

To see it spill its contents

I need no comments about this,

Its my life ,the only thing i did wife 

Today I do let go.


Blind eye 👁

HEY by Antoh


I hope this finds you smiling,

I love how your dimples form when you smile,

I hope this finds you basking in the sun

The lord did let the sun shine on this day 

A day many await to be showed what love is

To some its a day of roses,

To some its a day of blankets and sheets,

To some its a day of worship

To me its a day of confession,

To me its a day of open hearts,

Hey love,

I come to you today , lips cracking and tongue blistered with words,

Words i wish to let sink into your ears

Confession i wish to let free from my heart

Today i do ask for your light 

Light the candle in me 

I wish to spring to life once more,

Its you I need ,nothing more

Let me be your rose

Lets dine at the shade,

Let me nurse your worries today.

I do love you dear one

Like the nose ,may we get closer n closer till we age.

Blind eye




He felt cold the other day 

I think she didn’t answer his text,

Maybe she did insult him,

Maybe she did turn him down.


Wait a minute ,

She did freak out 

Your sweet words kept her gazing at the phone, emptied her mind

All she had to do was stare blankly 

She did wish to send her pic instead,

To let you see the love within her eyes,

What if you were just pulling her leg?

This i heard her ask so silently

Hey mr. i got to go, it aint fair trading her secrets


Please dont hang up on me,

Tell me more, do tell me she loves as much as I do

Tell me she got her mind full of me

A heart full of memories,memories that we did build together,




Please tell me.

Let me into her.


Tell her I do love her.


Blind eye👁-2018

HAPPY ONE by Antoh


Shine a light on this day dear one

Help me see the light within me dear one

Dear one be my rose today,

May your heart let out its fragrance 

May I breathe by your heart Today,

Let me hold you by the waist

Rest your head on my chest, thats my West

Rest your hand on my shoulder,thats my East

Yes ,East or West We building a home

A home of love,where we share the love we have.
Stroke my ribcage,

Play with my novel,

I need to get aroused n laugh myself out too,

Tuck in your arm into mine,

Lets walk looking for the chill spots,

For I need you to be happy whole day

It aint only today

Today i set aside to thank you,

To remind us of the hills we did crawl from th bottom to the top together

To review the promises I once made

To remove the chaff off our love life

To heal any wound we nursing

To keep us strong for the everlasting trek together

I “wife you” dear one.


Blind eye👁-2018




A story of Romeo and Juliet still clings in my mind as i note this to you,

How i wish ours would also live to speak for us.

The sun has been kind to us, its rays soothing our hard times to sleep.

I hold my cup of ink close to my heart, 

Wishing to spice this note to you

Wishing the ink would put my heart beats on paper

Wishing the ink would be warm to light some feelings on paper

Yes how i wish,

I got so many wishes i know.
May my ink kill the distance between you and me,

May your heart hold a conversation with your legs, telling your legs to carry you my way.

By the bridge i stand like a “love craw”,yes 

I want to scare the love out of you,

Then bottle it ,to have it in my place

For i wish to listen to what the two hearts need

In a bottle,they will be all alone, to settle their differences and embrace their similarities.

Hail ink, guide me on writing the perfect love story,

A story of two who wished to live their lives together,

A story of a lover who would take a ring for her,

A story of a lover who would make his ribs seven on both sides,

A story that had two lovers grow greener hearts,

A story of a lover who cried any minute her love went missing,

A story that would live to be others dream

A story that people would not be sorry to read or hear

That story ought to be our story.

Blind eye👁-2018

Random diaries by Antoh

Lone by Antoh

​You do make me smile each time i get a text from you

It makes my night silent, a night without odds

Like a metal with no dent

Yes its in your heart that a space i did rent
Times when my eyes take a sip of the onion feel, a handkerchief feel you would hand

Its like you were a rubber band on my hand

To remind me of the untaxed love

Yes untaxed, 

So bad at math ,i would always fall on the wrong side

Like a moth i’d run towards the light

Thats why you would blame my math ,vowing never to offer taxed love
Our tommorrow unfolds in your hands

Hold it strong like a stone in a catapult

Dont let it out till its our last

O yes our last breath 

I would take a ring for you

Please do hand over a rib to me

Let me make you faces

Close the distance between my lips n yours

Just tell me all is well

Let me drink from your heart
😔 soo lone i  joins a trek ,hoping she would call him back

“O dear love, its you i love,

Wait me , cut your steps to my size,

Hold your abs with your left arm ,

Bend your left arm for me,

Let me pass my arm through it,

O dear love,

Lets wander through the streets till the sun blinds the street lights,

Lets not go back home,

I just want to be by you”
♐blind-eye 👁


😒                        😔