SORROW by Antoh

Tis that day i set foot on this craved for city

I call it Nairobi 

“When you reach safe ,let us know

Mama’a voice echoed ”

I held by woven basket close to my armpit 

Then only possesion i had

Those days it wasnt that bad
Days drowned and weeks whisked so fast

I love the pimped Kayole mats

The music did boom 

O making my heart shake within my rib cage

It was a small paradise from home

The streetlights gave the city heights

At night the city was white

I never longed to go home
Today i miss you mum

Sweet lullabies you’d humn

I would wake up for the cock crow was my alarm

I miss you mum

Please carry me some yams

I coil in pain

My heart is weak with sorrow

The pain in me did leave me hollow

That even to my friends i cant say hello

Mama i pain like a widow

I burried my heart down Nairobi river

And to the street dogs i wanna give my liver

Still am a believer

Your teachings held meaning to me

For i go to church

And pastor preaches salvation and forgiveness
Get me this and that

I hang on their orders’ list like a hat

You did see my picture 

When you came over

I wore hired clothes

I wore two clothes 

Then i had to tire :the weight was too much

But your smile kept me warm

That of their habit i couldn’t warn

Mama reach me in your prayers

Touch me with your love

For iam dying to be with you

Iam sick and coiled on this bed

Hurting is my head

Mama tears i sieve by my heart

☆★☆antoh ghostpoems

→its a dedication (wont say her name) 

You pain i cry


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